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Hi Reach Broadband


The Indian broadband services industry is a growing market segment that has been attracting a lot of attention for the past decade or so. With that said, the mushrooming of businesses that are not up to the mark has put a dent in the reputation of the industry. Striving to bring in a positive change in the Indian broadband services market is Hi Reach Broadband. Hi Reach Broadband, is powered by Mithril Telecommunications Private Limited a Class `B’ Internet Service Provider based in Hyderabad, Telangana. The company offers ultra-high-speed broadband internet with consistent and reliable services to SMEs and Corporate Customers at affordable rates across the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The company’s focus has always been to cover rural districts and enable the subscriber to become part of the Digital India movement and this has helped them to build a positive reputation in the market as well as create a niche for themselves in the industry.


Hi Reach Broadband offers broadband internet services over Fiber-based (FTTB) last- mile services that enable them to deliver the content a lot faster than other ISP’s in India. “We are providing the best technical and support services to our subscribers beyond regular working hours when compared to other ISP’s and it is one of our Key USP to date. Our Helpdesk is manned 24x7x365 days and we are proud of our customer-centric attitude of our employees. Jatothu Hussain, personally hopes that the school, college children and other younger generation will benefit from high-speed broadband internet services in terms of learning. With broadband internet servicesstudents in rural areas can have access to the same contents as in the US,

and Europe. Broadband can shorten the learning gap between emerging and developed countries. Before, the students in emerging countries have lessresources/contents provided when compare to the students in developed nations.As we are currently offering our broadband services in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, we will be the 2nd ISP in terms of network reach and subscribers leaving aside Telco’s and other Class A ISPs within the two states on wired broadband space”, avers, Jatothu Hussain, Promoter, Mithril Telecommunications.The company provides broadband internet services using next-generation fibre-based last-mile¬†

The company provides broadband internet services using next-generation fibre-based last-mile solutions with Metro-Ethernet technologies offering ultralow latencies and provides the best voice and video content delivery. Hi-Reach Broadband has launched their own IP TV Services and is currently under in-house testing. The company is also making partnerships with leading OTT and Content Providers as they understand the ever-growing customer expectations. Apart from that the company always adheres to the standards set forth by TRAI and Dept. of Telecommunications (DOT) and ensures that they follow standard systems and procedures from prospect generation to customer support and feedback.

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